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New updates in Tranzzo: Payment cascading

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New updates in Tranzzo: Payment cascading and more

We've put together a selection of the latest updates that make payments more convenient and increase your business's efficiency.

Payment cascading with 3D Secure

Cascading allows you to keep payment conversion high — if one gateway is unavailable, the transaction is automatically sent to another. 3D Secure is an additional level of fraud protection. The user confirms the payment in the bank's app or with a one-time password.

Previously, cascading in Tranzzo was only available for payments without 3D Secure. The new solution allows redirecting payments with additional confirmation as well. This increases the number of successful payments.

How cascading works with 3D Secure:

  1. The user fills in the card details and clicks the "Pay" button. 
  2. The 3D Secure confirmation page is displayed.
  3. If the payment is cascaded to another terminal that requires 3D Secure confirmation, the customer sees a page with the message "Payment retry" for 2 seconds
  4. The user sees a new 3D Secure verification page

Recurring payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

It is no longer necessary to enter card details to set up recurring payments. From now on, users will be able to subscribe to your service using Apple Pay and Google Pay. This solution is unique for the Ukrainian market. It is enough to pay for the service once, and all future debits will be made automatically. 

To connect Apple Pay and Google Pay recurring payments, just let your Tranzzo manager know. If you have used recurring card payments, no additional settings are required on your part.

mVisa QR invoices in the Tranzzo merchant portal

QR codes for payments using mVisa technology can already be created in the merchant portal. By placing such a QR code in the customer's access, you can quickly direct them to your payment page and accept online payments anywhere. The payer just needs to scan the code, fill in the required fields, and confirm the transaction.

To create an mVisa QR invoice in the merchant portal, go to the "Payments" section, select "Create payment" and fill in all the necessary fields.

Tranzzo integration hub

We have created a platform that combines a set of separate services for making requests to payment systems directly, without Tranzzo's involvement. If you already have your own payment system, the hub will allow you to integrate with individual providers and set up new payment channels much faster. More details are coming soon.

Color schemes for the merchant portal of White Label projects

Tranzzo partners who use the ready-made payment solution now have even more options for customizing the merchant portal. Color schemes make it easy to adapt the service to the provider's brand.

What can be changed:

  • the main color of the merchant portal;
  • colors of the login page;
  • colors of icons and other design components.

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