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Join us to make online payments a simple and affordable tool for entrepreneurs worldwide
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Tranzzo is the perfect place to realize the greatest professional ambitions

We have created an environment in which it is easy to generate success. Our team brought together modern technologies and talented individuals to create progressive solutions. Limitations and strict instructions are not about us. We believe brilliant ideas emerge in an atmosphere of freedom and warm cooperation. We value every opinion, encourage initiative and help you grow professionally in the chosen direction.

Our team of fintech enthusiasts

We inspire, support, and motivate each other to reach new heights. Together, we celebrate professional and personal victories, share our colleagues' hobbies, and actively engage in team-building activities.

Our principles

Think and act globally
Think and act globally
Be agents of change
Be agents of change
Turn challenges into new opportunities
Turn challenges into new opportunities
Expand knowledge and competencies
Expand knowledge and competencies
Work for results
Work for results
Create value and multiply benefits
Create value and multiply benefits
Margarita Ochigava
CEO Tranzzo

"Tranzzo operates in the FinTech sector, which is rapidly changing and evolving. We never stand still. Be prepared that interesting and sometimes quite tricky tasks will await you here. I am sure that with the support of our team, you will successfully turn any challenges into great results.

We value diversity of ideas and approaches, encourage initiative, and give employees autonomy in decision-making. In this way, we create an environment for each employee's growth and development."

Comfortable conditions for work and development

Friendly team

We not only work together but also have fun. Although our team is now scattered in different parts of the country and the world, this does not prevent us from celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and common achievements together.

Flexible work format

We do not guard employees with a stopwatch. We offer flexible terms of cooperation and a comfortable work schedule. You can start your working day between 8 and 10 a.m. Kyiv time and finish accordingly.

Learning opportunities

Learn from your colleagues' lectures, take profile courses, and attend conferences and meetups. The company will reimburse 50% of the cost of your training.

Rest and recovery time

Each employee has 24 days of paid leave. We also do not require references or limit sick days. Get well and gain strength as much as you need.

Stability and support

In such difficult times, we want to be an island of stability for our employees, so we pay salaries in full and without delay. Our responsive HR managers and team are always ready to help with work and personal issues.

Friendly team
Stay with us longer
The average length of service in Tranzzo is 2+ years. We value each of our employees and do our best to make our cooperation long-term, practical and comfortable for everyone.
How to become part of the team

Tranzzo has a transparent and clear recruitment process. We easily identify the right match. We value candidates' time and give feedback quickly.


Review of resumes


Meeting the recruiter


Іnterview with Team Lead


Final interview

– meeting the CEO





It's important

Dear candidates, we do not consider resumes from residents of Russia and Belarus and do not work with representatives of aggressor countries. While the genocide of the Ukrainian people is going on and our cities and villages are being destroyed, any cooperation with hostile businesses is a direct support for terrorism.