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Tokens from Visa and Mastercard

Accept payments in one click and increase payment conversion with VTS and MDES tokens
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VTS and MDES are perpetual tokens.

Unlike ordinary tokens, they are not linked to the card, but to the payer and the payer's account. So even if your customer changes the card, the token will remain valid.  

How payment works with VTS and MDES

  1. The customer makes a successful payment or gets a subscription — we create and transfer a token to you.
  2. If the customer changes the card, you continue to successfully accept payments for the same token.

VTS and MDES Token сapabilities

One-click payments

No need for customers to enter their card details every time they make a purchase, making it more convenient for them and increasing conversion rates.

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Subscription payments

Use tokens to automatically charge your customer card according to a preset schedule.

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Always secure transactions

Ensure the safety of your customers' data and funds by using tokens during payment instead of card details. Tokens cannot be used for payments on other sites, providing an extra layer of protection even if intercepted.

One-click payments

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