International platform for online payments 

We develop solutions and technologies so that users can pay with their cards wherever they want: on websites, in applications and messengers. 

Provide new opportunities for online businesses 

Since 2017, Tranzzo has been helping entrepreneurs around the world to accept online payments.

We went above and beyond to ensure reliable online payments so that businesses can focus on more important things. Online learning platforms can provide knowledge without thinking about recurring payments. Online stores can attract new customers with no worries about scammers. And delivery organisations can improve their services instead of dealing with refunds.

Our services

We develop comprehensive fintech products so that every business and its clients can make avail of simple, cutting-edge and secured payment technologies.

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay 
  • Payments in messengers 
  • Checkout to choose  
  • Card tokenization 
  • Payments cascading and routing 
  • All opportunities

Why choose Tranzzo 

Higher conversion

We offer customised payment forms, cascading, one-click payments, the opportunity to link a card to the account and more.

Personalised approach

We customise payment solutions and tariffs, considering merchants’ requirements, business models and areas of activities. 

Up to date solutions

We finesse our products and work with fintech industry leaders to offer simple, secured and modern solutions.  

Payments all over the world

We work with Visa and Mastercard payment systems, as well as over 20 partner banks. Our multilingual checkout supports various currencies.

Every payment protection  

Tranzzo uses a three-level anti-fraud system to prevent any scam activities. We also protect data according to the stringent standards  — PCI DSS lev. 1 

24/7/365 Support 

We provide round-the-clock support for merchants and buyers. Our team will gladly answer any questions.

Our team

The Tranzzo company was created by four people who were passionate about providing not just a product but countless opportunities for their clients. Now we are no longer a team of four employees. However, our main purpose is still the same — accept any challenges and turn them into superb solutions for businesses. 

Common values help us build a strong team and develop a product that is always in demand. We encourage a variety of ideas and views, support initiative and provide employees with all the opportunities for career growth.

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