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Routing and cascading payments

Ensure the success of your payments and optimize commission costs with our smart payment management system

Tranzzo connects with over 230 banks and payment providers worldwide. This enables us to quickly and efficiently route and cascade payments for optimal processing.

Business benefits

Backup channels for accepting payments

Better service and fewer declined payments

High payment conversion rate

Cascading of transactions

  1. Boosts payment success rate
    Our advanced payment distribution technology increases the payment conversion by utilizing a wide network of partner banks. If the primary bank is unable to process a payment, it will automatically be redirected to an alternative channel. This ensures that technical issues with the acquirer will not result in loss of customers or funds for your business.

Payment routing

  1. Our system not only increases conversion rates but also helps lower commission costs.
    We tailor our payment distribution to fit your business needs by considering factors such as region, currency, methods, etc. Our routing configurations take into account over 30 criteria to ensure optimal efficiency.

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