Merchant portal for all business tasks

Accept payments, create invoices, control balances and be constantly aware of key performance indicators

Comprehensive analytics in one place

We analyse the main payment metrics of your project 24/7 so that you can grow your business and make better decisions.

  • Track the conversion rate
  • Find out how your customers usually pay
  • Analyse whether your average check depends on a particular payment method or not
  • Compare data for different periods to forecast sales and revenue

Convenient reporting for your financiers

Create customised reports to save your team time and simplify accounting processes.

  • Filter the data in the payment register by 10+ metrics to include only the necessary information in a report.
  • Upload information in a convenient format and add it to your system.

Detailed information about payments and customers

Monitor every transaction

Track payment status online, confirm or decline payments, and download receipts.

Find out more about clients

Learn where your customers come from, what products or services they order more often, which banks they use, etc.

Analyse failed payments

Get detailed reasons for declining payments and tips on fixing them in the future.

Invoices: online and offline payments without integration

Online payments without coding

Create invoices and send customers the links to pay in a messenger or mail.

Offline payments without terminals

Save the invoice as a QR code, place it at the checkout counter or show it to your buyers on the smartphone screen.

Single account for the whole team

Share access to the project with your employees or contractors, assign them appropriate roles and differentiate their access rights.  

Solutions to make your business more convenient


Monitor your balance, account structure and payout history. Compare balances for different periods.


Refund your customers in one click right in the merchant portal.

24/7 support

Check your payment information at any time.

Find out more about the Tranzzo solutions for your business

Contact us to get started with the integration, discuss tariffs or payment instruments. 

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