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Accept payments without any technical settings. Create payment links in the merchant portal and use them in any sales channel
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Service features

Authorization hold

Authorization hold

Set up delayed withdrawal of funds: at the time of payment, the amount will be reserved on the client's card, and you will make the actual withdrawal later.
Free or fixed amount of payment

Free or fixed amount of payment

Specify the amount to pay, or let the payer decide. This feature is very convenient when it comes to tipping or donating to charity.

Payment link as a service suits various use cases

Sales without a website

Accept online payments, even if you do not have a website: share a payment link in social networks, messengers, and newsletters or add a link to your chatbot.

Charity fundraisings

Use the payment link with a free amount to launch fundraising simply and quickly. You can create a separate link for each request and easily track donations.

Marketing activities

Add a payment link to an ad or promotional mailing: if the customer is interested in the product, they can immediately proceed to purchase.

Offline payments

Add a payment link into a QR code, place it at the point of sale and accept cashless payments without a terminal.

Sales without a website

How it works

  1. Create an invoice in the merchant portal

    Specify the amount, currency, language, and order details that will appear on your payment page later. Enable holding if necessary.

  2. Get and share a link

    Once you've created your invoice, copy the link and share it with your payers in any convenient way. 

  3. Accept and track payments

    You can track data for each link in the merchant portal: status and the number of payments, and information about payers.


Business benefits

Any sales channel

Any sales channel

Social media, landing pages, chatbots, or just texting or emailing, you can share your link wherever you and your customers feel comfortable.
Customized payment page

Customized payment page

Each payment link will lead the customer to our payment page, which you can arrange in your brand style.
Fast start

Fast start

This is a no-code solution that does not require technical integration: to accept payments, you just need to create a link in the merchant portal.

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