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Authorization hold

Deferred charge: reserve money on the customer's card at the time of payment, and write off later
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The benefits for your business

Cancel a hold at any time

That’s handy if the customer canceled an order or if, for instance, the product is out of stock. Just cancel the hold, and the money will again become available to the payer.

Partial capture

If the amount of the order decreased, there is no need to cancel it and issue a new one. Just write off some of the reserved funds, and free up the rest.

Less refunds — less spending

Usually, when it comes to a refund to the customer, sellers pay a fee for this transaction. With holding, you have fewer refunds and, accordingly, fewer commission costs.

Automatic unlocking of funds

If the store has not confirmed the order and the hold period has expired, the funds will be automatically unlocked and become available to the buyer.

Cancel a hold at any time

How it works

This feature unlocks the opportunity to divide the payment process into two separate stages: authorization and capturing funds

  1. Payment authorization
    The customer confirms the payment and the required amount is blocked on the card: the funds remain in the customer's account but are not available for other payments.
  2. Charging
    The seller initiates the actual write-off: funds are transferred from the client's card to their balance. You decide when to charge. For example, online stores often charge money after making sure products are in stock, and taxi services when the trip is over.

Useful tool to optimize various tasks

Getting a prepayment

Getting a prepayment

For services, goods, accommodation
Issuing insurance payment

Issuing insurance payment

If you rent out things, appliances or transport
Reserving the product

Reserving the product

If the customer wants to first inspect or try on the purchase

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