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In-app Payments

Use our mobile SDK to quickly and easily set up payment in iOS and Android apps  

SDK features

The most common payment methods

Payment by card, Google Pay and Apple Pay are already built into the devkit and will be available in your application after the initial set up.

Customized design

Change the colors, text, and appearance of the fields to adjust payment forms to your app interface.

Payments for arbitrary amounts

Your payers can set the payment amount of their choice. It becomes handy when it comes to tipping, donating to charity, recharging accounts and much more.

Holding of funds

Set up payments with delayed write-off: at the time of payment, the required amount is reserved on the client's card, and charged later at your request.

SDK benefits for your business

High payment conversion

Increase in-app payment conversion rate with a native and seamless checkout process that doesn't require your payers to switch to a separate payment page in the browser. 

Simple checkout

Offer your customers convenient tools to quickly fill in the payment details, such as a camera or NFC scanning of the card.

Payment flow of your choice

Customize payment flow according to your business tasks. Accept payments with fixed or arbitrary amounts, charge customers right away or use authorization hold for delayed write-offs.

Let your customers benefit from our solution like
millions of Ukrainians already have

Tranzzo is a payment partner of the Diia, a comprehensive “state-citizen” service platform launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Ukrainians pay taxes, fees, and government services as well as donate to support the Armed Forces via our SDK in the Diia app. That’s an honor indeed!

How to set up in-app payment

Register as Tranzzo merchant and create a project
Get your app moderated and activate payment methods
Configure and start accepting payments.

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