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One-click payments

Use payment tokens to set up quick and convenient payments on your website or in the app
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Business benefits

Secure payment

Secure payment

Card data is encrypted into a token. Even if it goes to fraudsters, they will not be able to use the token for payment in any way.
Fewer clicks — higher conversion

Fewer clicks — higher conversion

The buyer specifies the payment details once, and for the next purchases simply chooses a saved card.
Perpetual tokens

Perpetual tokens

Thanks to VTS and MDES technologies, you can have special tokens for Visa and Mastercard cards. The main feature is that even when the client reissues the card, the token will still be valid.

How to get a card token

Via checkout

Get the token automatically the first time your customer pays. 
The buyer makes a successful payment, and we immediately create and transfer you a card token. No additional actions from you or your client.

Through a widget on your website

Allow customers to save the card in their personal account and receive the token before the actual payment. The customer enters the details in the widget, and we check the card and pass you the token. Done. The card is available for future payments with one click.

Via checkout

How payments by token work

  1. The customer forms a cart and proceeds to the payment
  2. On the payment page, selects the saved card and confirms the payment
  3. You receive funds on your balance

How to set up one-click payments

Tokenization is a basic feature of our service, it is available to any business.
To accept token payments, simply connect to Tranzzo and run the setups according to the documentation.


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