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Fully tailored to your business. Customize the checkout to align with your brand guidelines and meet the unique needs of your customers.
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Effortlessly accept payments from anywhere in the world

Local currencies

Local currencies

Tranzzo provides 30+ currencies, so your customers from different countries will be able to pay in their local currency.
Multiple languages

Multiple languages

The payment page supports different languages so that customers do not have any difficulties when buying on your website.
50+ payment methods

50+ payment methods

Connect various local methods and show on the checkout those that your customers prefer.

Your branding and website domain

Customize the payment page design to match your brand identity. If the checkout page looks the same as your website, customers will trust more and complete payments more often. Add logo and brand colors 

  • Add a description of the payment 
  • Add any additional fields in the payment form 
  • Place payment page on your website's domain

One-click payments

With Tranzzo, obtaining a card token through checkout is easy and hassle-free. Our stored card feature allows for quick and convenient payments for your customers, streamlining the checkout process.

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Free amount payments

A handy solution for collecting donations or accepting tips. 

Set up a payment page where the customer can enter their payment amount or go with one of the suggested options.

Additional promo for your brand

Use the checkout and payment status page as an additional platform for customer communication. Add informational or advertising banners to these pages to boost brand recognition.

Your branding and website domain

Effortless integration across multiple platforms

You can use our page to accept payments both on the website and in the application

Checkout for a website 

Checkout for a website 

Checkout for a mobile app

Checkout for a mobile app

Mobile SDK

Expand your reach and tap into new opportunities with Tranzzo's cutting-edge payment solutions

Create an account to start integration, or reach out to our manager and clarify the details