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New payment widget from Tranzzo

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New payment widget and its advantages

From now on, your customers can make their purchases even more conveniently and quickly! The Tranzzo team has launched a new payment widget that allows you to make payments on the site without going to a separate page. We tell you how it will help to increase the conversion by almost a quarter.

The main advantages of the new widget

  • Pay directly on the seller's website without needing PCI DSS certification. Connecting the widget allows you to accept payments without additional restrictions and guarantees the safety and reliability of operations.
  • Another plus of paying on the website is avoiding the transition to another page. This innovation minimizes interruptions in the purchase process, and the conversion rate increases by up to 25%. Customers will be satisfied!
  • Quick connection — you only need to set up the call of the widget via a button on the site, then the whole process is automatic.

Payment methods

The widget allows you to accept payments from cards of all global payment systems, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

It also supports Authorization hold and is compatible with SBCR.

However, Tranzzo continues to work to make the product as convenient as possible for our partners and their customers. That is why the following options will be available in the widget very soon:

  • recurring payments;
  • field with a free amount;
  • one-click payment;
  • customization.

Convenient display

New payment widget and its advantages

The new payment widget can be embedded in the site page for maximum nativeness or displayed as a pop-up, which allows you to choose the most convenient option for individual business needs.

Connect now

To initiate a new widget, you only need to give Tranzzo a minimum set of parameters — amount, currency, payment type, and display mode. There is no need for lengthy setups that were previously required for hosted checkout.

Contact our support team or your manager to set up the updated widget or get more information. Improve your business with Tranzzo!