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New features from Tranzzo for subscription businesses

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New opportunities for subscription-based services

The Tranzzo team has introduced new features for subscription-based services. From now on, on the payment page, you can choose the schedule of charges and use Apple Pay and Google Pay to make payments. New methods are easy to connect and increase conversion by an average of 20%.

A standard subscription requires the first successful payment, and then all charges are automatically scheduled. With Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can subscribe in two clicks. There is no need to enter card details, so the risk of payment refusal due to an error or forgotten card is reduced. 

"Regular payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay are a unique solution for the Ukrainian market. Traditionally, subscription services offered customers only card payments," says Tranzzo CEO Margarita Ochigawa, "According to our data, payments from phones account for 50% of all online payments. Most of them use Apple Pay and Google Pay technologies. Tranzzo's customer experience shows that these two buttons on the payment page increase conversion by 20% on average, and reduce the number of abandoned baskets by the same amount."

New opportunities for subscription-based services

Setting up a schedule on the payment page allows the payer to choose the frequency of payments - one-time, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Payments can be accepted traditionally by card or by connecting via Apple Pay or Google Pay. After the first successful payment, the user will receive an email with information about the subscription and the option to cancel it. Such emails will be sent after each charge.

"Setting up a subscription on the payment page will be especially useful for charity organizations. This service gives more choices to the payer and, together with modern methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, will become an effective tool for completing donations," comments Margarita Ochigawa. 

Tranzzo has implemented subscription payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay together with Ukrainian partner banks. The task of the payment platform is to receive encrypted card data after the first payment and transfer it to the bank when the next scheduled payment is due. 

"Each bank has its own approach to implementing subscription payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay. We have technically set up our interaction so that payments go smoothly under any circumstances," emphasizes Margarita. "Apple Pay and Google Pay will be useful for non-profit organizations, as well as for streaming services, Internet providers, SaaS services, CRM systems, and mobile applications." 

The process of connecting new business solutions is as simple as possible. Merchants only need to set up the acceptance of regular payments using ready-made API libraries, and new services will be connected by Tranzzo