Tranzzo launches a new payment service for Ukrposhta using a service from Visa

The Tranzzo team has launched online transfers by phone number for Ukrposhta. The payment solution was implemented using an add-on to the Visa Direct service.

The Tranzzo team has launched online transfers by phone number for Ukrposhta. The payment solution was implemented using an add-on to the Visa Direct service.

Now the clients of the national postal operator can make transfers to cards by simply indicating the recipient's mobile phone number. The service works on the Ukrposhta website and its mobile applications for iOS and Android.

"We carried out integration with Visa, finalized the P2P payment page, and transfers by phone number became available for Ukrposhta customers. An innovative addition to the Visa Direct service expands the functionality of money transfers and improves the user's overall experience. The Tranzzo team can implement it for any bank or payment infrastructure operator. We are always ready to offer modern technologies and payment solutions to meet the needs of businesses and their customers," said Yan Klochko, CEO of Tranzzo.

The payment services operator UKRCARD has become a partner in implementing P2P transfers for Ukrposhta.

How P2P transfers by phone number work

Make sure that the recipient's card is assigned to a phone number to transfer money successfully. To attach a Visa card to a phone number, you need to activate this function in the bank's mobile application (section "Transfers by phone number") and save the settings.

The rest of the translation is quite simple. You need to specify:

  • details of the card from which you are making the transfer,
  • the amount
  • recipient's phone.

It is an online operation, and the funds are immediately credited to the recipient's card.

Ukrposhta notes that the new money transfer format enhances the security of card data and creates a more comfortable experience for users.

"Ukrposhta systematically improves the quality of financial services in its branches, such as expanding the list of financial services and improving financial security. Previously, in order to transfer funds to a card, a client of Ukrposhta had to indicate the full number of the recipient's card. Ukrposhta cares about the protection of the personal data of its customers, so together with Tranzzo, we have implemented a service that allows you to transfer card funds using a phone number linked to a separate recipient's card. Thus, the recipient does not need to disclose the full card number, and the sender does not need to know it. It's more convenient and safe!" commented Oleg Klyapko, director of the financial business department of Ukrposhta.

Advantages of transfers by phone number from Visa

  • Safe. The transfer takes place through an add-on to the Visa Direct service, where the linking of the card number to the phone number is stored as a secure token.
  • Fast. The financial transaction has not changed technically, so the transfer speed also remains consistently high.
  • Easy for users. The sender does not need to specify the card number every time, and the recipient does not need to share payment details.

The Tranzzo team is glad to have such fruitful cooperation. Now, another modern payment solution has become available to thousands of Ukrainians.