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Tranzzo — a technical partner of the national project “Diia”

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Tranzzo — a technical partner of the national project “Diia”

The Ukrainian web portal “Diia” uses the Tranzzo solutions to enable millions of citizens to pay for state services via the Internet.

“Diia” started accepting the first payments with our help back in autumn 2020, and since then, we keep cooperating.

The Tranzzo team helps users pay in the “Diia” application and on the website. Thus, by using our payment solutions, Ukrainians pay fines for traffic violations, debts for enforcement proceedings, and since recently, users can pay for replacing driver’s licenses, registration and many other administrative services. Besides, they can pay taxes in the “Diia” app and on the website.

“For the “Diia” app, we have offered our unique solution that allows users to pay with their bank cards or by using Google Pay, Apple Pay and other payment methods. Thanks to the Tranzzo IT solution, Ukrainians can also pay on the “Diia” website. In addition to the listed methods, PrivatPay is also available there,” says Yan Klochko, CEO of Tranzzo.

Since the website and the “Diia” app are two separate products, the solutions offered to them are slightly different. For example, “Diia” uses our payment widget to accept card payments on the website. And online payments in the app are possible thanks to the Tranzzo mobile SDK – it is a ready-made code built into the product.

“We are constantly improving “Diia” and providing Ukrainians with various payment methods. We’ve been working with Tranzzo for over a year, and it works well and reliably. People can pay for replacing their driver’s licenses, administration fees and other services right in the app,” said Mstislav Banik, the Head of e-service development at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the Tranzzo payment solution has functionality that allows accepting payments by using bank details. It is crucial because there is a whole set of bank details for each service in “Diia” – payment data of government institutions and their departments. The Tranzzo solution allows recognising the recipient and distributing the money to the required bank accounts right after the payment is made.

Together with the “Diia” team, we keep working to make Ukrainians’ lives a lot easier and the state-citizens interaction more convenient. “We are glad to be a part of the project that develops the digital state and transforms the culture of payments in Ukraine. Tranzzo is always ready to offer innovative solutions, considering the individual wishes and the project’s unique aspects,” Yan Klochko added.