Discover new opportunities with Google Pay™

Your customers will make avail of fast and hassle-free payments with Google Pay.

More purchases and less abandoned shopping carts 

With Google Pay, buyers don’t need to enter their billing details and fill in numerous forms. Be sure that customers won’t leave your website without finishing their purchases when the checkout process is that easy. 

Google Pay perks for online businesses  

Ultimate convenience

Buyers save their billing details in Google Pay once and then pay for their next purchases in one click. 

Instant payments 

Users don’t need to fill in any payment forms. Thus, transactions take less than one minute.

Any platform

Payments can be conducted with Android smartphone, computer or laptop when using Chrome browser.


All billing information is encrypted. Card details are stored and transmitted as a token.

User base 

Google Pay is used by millions of people all over the world. When having this feature on your website, you can attract more customers.

Clear guides

Read the guide to properly use the Google Pay symbols on the website or in the application.

How Google Pay works

Take a look at how Google Pay will work for your clients. Test the payment. That will cost you nothing.

Demo purchase

Try to conduct a transaction with Google Pay. This product card is designed specifically for this purpose.

$ 1.00*

* demo purchase

Fast and seamless Google Pay integration

Standard integration 

Google Pay will be available on the payment page as one of the payment methods.

Direct integration

The Google Pay payment button is added directly to your website. It may be located on the web page of an individual product or in the shopping cart.

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