Why Google Pay?

It's what customers want

47% of customers prefer digital payment options. *Offering Google Pay gives them just what they're looking for

It's good for business

Google Pay decreases your customers' time to buy, which means they'll be far less likely to abandon their shopping cart.

It's secure

Google Pay protects customers' payment info with multiple layers of security to help keep their accounts safe

It's easy to integrate

Have Google Pay up and running on any of your online platforms in under a week.

It's global

Tap into an international network that includes hundreds of millions of Google users and cards on file

Are you ready to get more money?

You can find all resources in our documentation

More conversions

55% reduction of cart abandonment rate when Google Pay is selected as payment method.

Pay here. Pay there. Pay anywhere.

Google Pay makes it easy to check out quickly within your favorite apps and websites. Catch a ride, buy tickets, order pizza, and more with the simple press of a button.

Across the entire web: Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Android.

Google Pay Brand Guidelines

Refer to the Google Pay brand guidelines to help guide you on how to correctly use Google Pay brand assets. You will also find downloadable marketing assets and examples of best practices.

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