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How to increase conversion rates with Google Pay on the website and in the mobile app

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How to increase conversion rates with Google Pay on the website and in the mobile app

These days, no one is surprised by the possibility of paying by card on a website. Introducing more convenient payment options can significantly boost conversion rates and successful transactions. This article will tell you about payments with the Google Pay wallet by the tech giant Google.

Google Pay and how secure it is

Google Pay is an e-wallet that allows users to add bank cards to their Google account and use them for touchless payments using Android devices that support Google services or for payments on websites and mobile applications.

Main benefits of Google Pay

  • One-click payment. There is no need to add card details repeatedly, they are automatically saved.
  • User-friendly and secure. The payment system is reliably fraud-proof, card data is encrypted.
  • Multi-purpose. It is possible to use a card from any bank and pay with an Android device or in any desktop browser.

Google Pay users

The main advantage of Google Pay is its audience and credibility. According to Google, the number of users reached more than 1.5 billion in 2020. The tech giant has already become a fixture in the daily lives of users together with the following devices and services:

  • smartphones and other devices running the Android operating system;
  • email client Gmail;
  • YouTube video hosting, etc.

Moreover, Google Chrome, as a part of the Google ecosystem, is the most popular browser in the world. This means that Google Pay faces zero issues with the number of users.

Devices compatible with Google Pay

Payment with Google Pay is available on Android devices and websites of all the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, and others.

The main goal of Google Pay

The main task of this service is to minimize the time between the start of a user's shopping and the moment of payment, and in my opinion, Google has done a fantastic job with it.

Google Pay allows you to add all your payment cards to your Google Wallet and make online payments in seconds with no need to enter your card details every single time. This simple and fast payment method positively impacts conversion rates and reduces the number of abandoned purchases.

G-Pay: the way it works

G-Pay: the way it works

Let's take a look at how the payment process goes on the Tranzzo payment page. Our payment platform offers more than 50 methods for accepting online payments to various business sectors. Google Pay is one of them. API integration is used to connect payments on the website, and an SDK for software development is available for mobile apps.

Payment via Tranzzo checkout

  1. The user places an order on the seller's or service provider's website or mobile app.
  2. Adds the recipient and delivery address information and selects online payment.
  3. Goes to the safe Tranzzo payment page that meets all PCI DSS requirements.
  4. Clicks the Google Pay payment button.
  5. Selects one of the pre-added cards in the wallet and confirms the payment.
  6. The order is paid.

Connecting Google Pay payment with Tranzzo

To start accepting payments using Google Pay e-wallet, you need to create an account in the merchant portal and complete the integration according to the documentation, choosing one of the two integration options:

  • by using the Tranzzo checkout, which allows users to pay by GPay, bank card, or other payment methods (Visa click to pay, Apple Pay);
  • by implementing the mobile SDK for the Android platform into a mobile app.


Offering online card payments is the first step in giving your customers the ability to make purchases easily and quickly. Google Pay is one of the most popular payment methods worldwide and can significantly increase your business' conversion rate due to its simplicity and instant payment process.


Danylo Lazykin (Product Owner of Tranzzo White Label PSP)