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Visa Click to Pay Wallet

A smooth and secure solution for instant payments with Visa cards
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Benefits for businesses and customers

Secure payments

Secure payments

Visa Click to Pay grants advanced security of your payment data via Visa Token Service and 3DS2 authentication protocol.
Fast settlements

Fast settlements

Payments are made in two clicks: the customer just needs to choose Visa Click to Pay at the checkout and select the card stored in the wallet.
More successful payments

More successful payments

The payer does not need to enter card details, and additional confirmation of payment with a code is optional, at the request of Visa. This simplifies the purchasing process and naturally raises your payment conversion.

How payment via Visa Click to Pay works

  1. Your customer creates an order and proceeds to payment.
  2. On the payment page, chooses Visa Click to Pay and pays with one of the saved cards.
  3. The customer receives payment confirmation, while you receive funds to your Tranzzo balance.

How to set up Visa Click to Pay on your website

Register as a Tranzzo merchant and create a project.
Perform API integration according to the documentation.
Get through moderation and start accepting payments.

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