Telegram Pay 

This solution allows users to pay for their purchases directly in the chat and turns the messenger into a full-fledged sales channel.

How Telegram Pay works 

Telegram Pay provides a seamless payment flow and allows your customers to make purchases in the messenger in a few clicks. 

1) A customer makes an order with your bot.
2) The bot creates an invoice with a Pay button. 
3) Customer clicks the button, gets through the checkout and confirms payment directly in Telegram.

Go to the Telegram mobile app and see how payments will work for your customers in the messenger.

How to get started with Telegram Pay

4 steps to accept payments via Telegram:

  • Sign in and create your project in Tranzzo account
  • Use @BotFather to create your Telegram bot
  • Link your bot to Telegram Pay
  • Get approval from our Compliance Team and start selling in Telegram

Are you ready to accept online payments via Telegram? Click the link below to learn how to start with us. 

Get more opportunities for your business

Get higher conversion

Speed up and automate your sales with Telegram Pay 

Expand your audience

Attract millions of Telegram users with a fast checkout process.

Manage transactions

Keep track of all your transactions with a single Tranzzo account.

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