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We offer cutting-edge payment methods, data security, anti-fraud protection and technologies that crank up online payments conversion

One-click payments

Fast payments without entering card data over and over again. VisaCheckout, Masterpass, Google Pay, Apple Pay and payments in the messenger — the choice is yours. 

Card payments

Supreme Checkout

Let your clients pay with their cards on the web, in applications or messengers.

Recurring payments


Automatic recurring payments are at your disposal. Charge your clients on schedule. 

Fraud protection


Three-level, anti-fraud Tranzzo system monitors and prevents any possible scam machinations.



Card processing under your brand. It goes with a ready-made technical base and all the needed licenses. 

Technologies that drive your business forward 

Dynamic descriptors

It gives more information about payments. By using this function, you can add a unique description to every transaction, for example, order number or product name.

Token payments 

Token stores encrypted card details and allows you to link cards to the account, pay in one click and work with recurring payments.

Authorisation hold

This function protects both businesses and customers from extra expenses. Place a hold on the client’s card and capture funds later.

Reports automation

It simplifies record keeping. Reconciliation report will be sent every month. You can also see the whole list of operations for the needed period in your account. 

Flexible routing

It enables merchants to optimise their cash flows. Set up payment routes, depending on the currency, country, payment system, etc.


It increases the percentage of successful transactions. They may automatically be redirected to available payment gateways so that clients pay with no problems.

All-in-one payment solutions 

We’ve gathered effective tools to suit every business. To accomplish that, Tranzzo specialists took every niche specifics into account and considered working experience with different clients.  

The Tranzzo team is readily available to widen this list with new categories and collaborate with various businesses. Drop us a line if you need personalised solutions specific to your enterprise.