Recurring payments for your business

Charge your customers automatically with no invoices and additional confirmations

Flexible settings of your subscription plan

Make use of our API to create a recurring payment plan that is right for both you and your customers.

Decide on when and how often you will withdraw money
Set the billing date for your customers
Limit the number of payments
Suspend the recurring payment plan for as long as you need

Impeccable payment protection standards

We've gone above and beyond what is required to make sure your website is convenient and safe for online payments.

With three levels of fraud protection, Tranzzo meets the stringent security standards (PCI DSS Level 1) and keeps your clients' payment information safe.

Who can use recurring payments 

Internet service providers
Delivery services
Online and offline media
Public organisations
Hosting providers
Cloud services
Housing services
Mobile phone operators
Online learning platforms
Microcredit companies 

Available billing models 

    It is a standard plan.

    Once a period (it can be a week, a month, a year, etc.), the fixed sum will be debited from a customer’s card. 

    Avail yourself of this plan to charge your clients, depending on how they use your services.

    For example, a sum will vary according to the gigabytes used in your cloud storage or the number of people connected to the service.

    You set limits, and the required amount of money is automatically debited from your client's account.

    If you use not only a subscription business model but also make one-time sales, this plan will be perfect for you. 

    Mix enables your customers to pay for both repeated and one-time purchases.

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