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Subscription payments

Set up recurring charges and get predictable revenue

How subscription payments work

For customers

First, get your customer’s info and permission
The customer subscribes to your product, provides payment details and gives consent to recurring billing.

For businesses

Next payments are charged automatically
You regularly receive payments from customers, while they continue to use your service in a hassle-free manner.

Flexible charging schedule settings

Via merchant portal

Create a payment schedule in a few clicks and manage all your subscriptions through the admin panel.

Through API integration

Create different types of subscriptions and customize the service for your business tasks.

Via Tranzzo payment page

Provide your customers with a seamless sign up and payments schedule building tools.

High payment conversion

Even if a customer changes their card number, you'll still get paid for the subscription automatically. This is how Visa and Mastercard perpetual tokens work.

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User-friendly API

With the Tranzzo API, you can customize different subscription modes based on your product and business goals.
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One rate: grant your customers access to all the features for a fixed price.

Multiple prices

Multiple rates: сreate different packages and offer a separate subscription for each.


Dynamic rate: it’s a pay-as-you-go model, where your customer pays when uses your product.

Subscription analytics in the merchant portal

Track key business metrics and compare data for different periods:

  • Analyze how the number of subscriptions changes
  • Estimate the total income via built-in tools
  • Track the conversion rate of payments

Business domains which can benefit

Internet Service Providers
Delivery Services
Hosting providers
Cloud based services
Housing and communal services
Mobile Operators
Online Learning Platforms
Microcredit Services
Insurance companies

Expand your reach and tap into new opportunities with Tranzzo's cutting-edge payment solutions

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