Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with Tranzzo

What's Tranzzo?

Consider Tranzzo as a cloud enterprise billing solution which includes plugins for SME merchants. You can connect directly through API or use perfectly designed hosted payment pages.

Tranzzo provides sophisticated and flexible monetization tools, so you, your sales and marketing team can work together to increase revenue and scale your business.

How do I get started with Tranzzo?

Begin with requesting consultation or signing up for a free account. You’ll get the access to our basic features and functionality to accept online payments. Some features e.g. custom settings, and third-party integrations are not available by default. When you’re ready to start, contact Tranzzo team to complete compliance and technical integration.

How soon can I go live?

You can sign up right away.
Depending on your business needs it takes from few days to a few weeks to start.
Our compliance team needs to verify your business model, it could takes up to three days, however you can start integration of Tranzzo API instantly. Go to API


How Tranzzo’s fees are applied?

Depending on activated payment options we use transaction basis or a revenue percentage model.
Transaction fee is applied to successful payments, usually we do not charge additionally for refunds, voids, authorizations and declines. Extra fees are charged if you use specific optional features (e.g. PCI DSS certification, company incorporation and others).

For more information, visit Pricing page or contact Tranzzo Sales

Do you charge any fees if I start another project with Tranzzo?

No, we don’t. There is no need to pay any additional fee for each site. However, if you have multiple projects working with Tranzzo, contact Sales to discuss discount).


What currencies does Tranzzo support?

Tranzzo supports the following currencies:
Euros (EUR)
United States Dollars (USD)
Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
Russian rubles (RUB)
If you need to add some specific local currency, contact our Sales Team

Does Tranzzo support one-click payments?

Yes, one-click payments is in our toolkit.

Can I customize a Payment Page?

The general look can be customized with your logo and custom CSS colors and styles. You can also add custom fields such as name, email address and billing information. On top of this we can host payment page on your domain.

Can I set up subscriptions?

Yes, you can. Tranzzo API is designed to issue token for transactions, which can be used for running subscriptions on merchant’s side. So billing information must be created on merchant’s side. Subscriptions can be also settled through third-party billing solutions.

Can I work with credit card credentials directly?

Yes, you can, but this requires PCI DSS compliance. Tranzzo lets PCI DSS compliant merchants work with credit card data directly. This opens you an option to switch to another acquiring bank if needed. Our experts could provide help with PCI DSS certification.
Tranzzo is committed to data portability. It’s important to us.

Is it possible to get some extra features?

Yes, it is. We consider your business needs and came up with a payment toolkit that perfectly meets them. Please, contact our Sales Team to find out more and discuss the details.


What is a Merchant Account (MID)?

MID can be considered as an agreement between merchant, bank and a payment processing provider for settlement of bank card transactions. A merchant account has its account number that is issued by a bank specifically for the merchant. It allows online business to accept payments by debit or credit cards on a website.
You have to have a MID before starting with Tranzzo.

What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateway connects payment processors (the service charging the card) and merchant account provider (the service providing your payment systems) and allows merchant to accept credit card payments. As a payment gateway, Tranzzo connects merchants with banks across the world.

I don’t have a merchant account. Will you provide me with it?

Yes, we will. As a payment facilitator Tranzzo can provide you with a merchant account so there is no need for you to contact acquirer directly and sign a contract.

I have a merchant account. Can I use it?

Yes, you can use your current merchant account.

How do I receive payments?

In case you sign directly with Tranzzo, we settle money to any bank account around the world, as well as provide an option to receive money in alternative way via several electronic wallets.

In case you use your own merchant account (MID), your acquiring bank holds responsibility for the money settlement and Tranzzo doesn’t have direct involvement. But we take care of initiating the authorization, capture and refund on your behalf with payment gateways.

Does Tranzzo support alternative payment options?

Yes, we support over 50 alternative payment options like eBanking, wallets, prepaid cards, SMS billing, etc.


Is Tranzzo a PCI DSS compliant?

Yes, Tranzzo is certified as a PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant, and this is the highest level available in the payment industry.

How does the X/RAY anti-fraud system work?

Tranzzo fraud protection uses a set of 200+ rules to detect fraudulent activity. Every transaction gets scored and classified according to its risk level. All information about detected fraud patterns is stored in our database to prevent similar situations in future.

Is it allowed to use third-party resources on the payment page?

Using third-party resources (e.g. Javascript) on your payment page is considered to be a risk for you and your clients. And it goes against PCI DSS requirements. So we highly recommend you not to use third-party resources.

What version(s) of TLS does Tranzzo support?

Tranzzo supports TLS 1.2. to securely transmit data. Older versions of TLS are disabled as the PCI Security Standards Council no longer considers early TLS to be a secure protocol.


Can I use Tranzzo services to sell globally?

Yes, we can offer solutions tailored to your needs. Choose payment tools, set currencies and sell wherever your customers are.