General information

What is Tranzzo?

Tranzzo is a service that provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to work with online card payments. We offer modern payment methods, ultimate data protection and fraud prevention.

All an online merchant needs to do is add the Tranzzo payment page to start working with transactions. We will take care of the rest.

What countries can I accept payments from?

Tranzzо works with online payments from all over the world. 

It goes without saying that you can use our service to do business with customers from Europe and CIS countries (except Russia).

If you want to accept payments from other countries, get in touch with our support team by writing them on [email protected] and discuss the details. We can easily add the needed countries once requested. 

What businesses does Tranzzо work with?

Tranzzo collaborates with virtually all types of enterprises that sell goods or services online. Our clients are e-stores, marketplaces, delivery services, ticket offices, educational platforms and microcredit organisations, to name but a few. 

We are dead set against working with businesses that sell illegal products and services. Those who violate the law in any way can’t be our clients.

Check the businesses we don’t deal with.

Does Tranzzo have mandatory requirements for online merchants?

Yes, we check every merchant and make sure their website complies with legislative norms and payment system regulations.

Before contacting us, you can see if your website meets our requirements by using the checklist.  

What are your support team’s working hours?  

Our support team works 24/7. You can email them or ask your questions here in the live chat. 

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Starting with Tranzzo 

I want to accept payments with Tranzzо. What should I start with? 

When adding Tranzzо to the website, you’ll need to take the following steps: registration, moderation and integration.

Start with creating your personal account on the Tranzzo website. Once you are registered, you’ll get access to the basic features and functionality. You will be able to fill in your information and start your first project. 

Drop us a line on [email protected] once your account is registered in the system. Our support team will guide you through the next steps of the integration process. 

How soon can I start accepting payments? 

We’ll start the ball rolling on your project as soon as possible. However, the integration can take some time (from a few days to several weeks), depending on the business type and your needs. 

How can I integrate Tranzzo into my website? 

There are two options to integrate Tranzzo: using API or ready-made CMS plugins.

Pricing plans

How much will I pay when using your service? 

We don’t charge monthly fees, and you pay nothing when starting with Tranzzo. Alternatively, you pay a certain percentage per transaction completed through our system. The commission varies depending on the chosen pricing plan and payment methods.  

You can also take advantage of our additional features that aren’t included in the standard package of the services. They will cost you some extra pay. 

Learn more about prices and additional services on the pricing plans webpage. 

Will I pay more when adding several business projects to the Tranzzo system? 

No, you won’t pay to add new projects to Tranzzo. In this case, you will pay only a percentage per transaction, no matter the number of businesses.


What currencies does Tranzzo support?
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Dollar (USD)
  • Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)

If you need to accept payments in other currencies, contact our sales department.

What payment methods does Tranzzo provide? 

Here is what payment options you can make use of: bank cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Masterpass, VisaCheckout, Telegram Pay.

How long does it take to withdraw funds? 

The standard time to withdraw money is up to 2 business days. You can create and send a withdrawal request at any time you need.

I already work with Tranzzo, but I’d like to add more payment methods. How can I do that? 

Contact us by writing on [email protected] and tell what payment options you’re interested in. Our managers will consult you about them and help you get started. 


Can I tailor the payment form to the design of my website?

Yes, you can customise the payment form on the checkout page. That means you’ll be able to add your logo and corporate colours for the button and preloader animation. 

Does Tranzzo offer one-click payments?

Sure, here is what we have for lightning-fast payments: 

Can I accept payments via social networks or messengers? 

Known as an official Telegram payment partner, Tranzzo provides online merchants with the Telegram Pay tool. By using it, your customers can pay for goods and services in the messenger. That method goes hand in hand with safety, convenience and blistering pace of transactions. 

Payment solutions for social networks and other messengers are currently being developed. 

Do you have any solutions to accept recurring payments? 

Yes, you can charge your clients automatically without requesting their payment data over and over again.

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Do you have any additional features for businesses? 

Sure thing, here is what we can offer: 

Contact us to discuss details.


Is Tranzzo compliant with PCI DSS?

Tranzzo is proud of being PCI DSS Level 1 certified. That is the highest certification level for services that accept bank card payments.

The certificate confirms that our system complies with international standards of payment data security and protection. Your customers can safely enter their card details on the Tranzzo payment page.

How does Tranzzo ensure anti-fraud protection for both merchants and buyers?

Tranzzo uses its own anti-fraud system. Each and every transaction goes through over 200 risk checks. We also collect and store data on detected fraud patterns to prevent any fraudulent activities in the future. Learn more about payment protection.