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Secure online payments on your website

Tranzzo complies with international payment security standards, protects your customers' data and prevents fraudulent transactions

Anti-fraud system that adapts to your business


There are over 200 markers in our system that can be used to identify fraudulent activities. The system checks all payments in real time and blocks suspicious ones.

Flexible configuration of validation rules

Each business domain may have its own unique markers of risk. We take into account the specifics of your business when we monitor possible fraudulent scenarios.

Continuous updating of the fraud scenario database

The anti-fraud system signals new and unusual actions. We analyze the behavior of fraudsters, derive patterns and put them in our base of rules.

Highly secure payments, advanced data protection

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

We've taken care of the security of your customer's payment information.
Tranzzo complies with the highest standard of data protection in the online payment industry. Every year, we confirm our certification and get verified as a VISA trusted partner.

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3DS2 with a reasonable balance between conversion and security

Remember how during an online card payment you are asked to confirm it in the bank app or with a one-time code? This is 3DS in action, also known by the brand names Visa Secure and Mastercard ID Check.

Modern 3DS technology is quite flexible: if the antifraud system has no suspicion of a transaction, the payment goes without additional confirmations. Yes, the customer makes the purchase faster, while you have a higher payment conversion and fewer security risks.

Tranzzo KYC: identity verification of sellers and payers

Tranzzo operates in compliance with the standards of international and local regulators. This involves the Know Your Customer procedure — verification of the identity of the seller and the payer. 

We check each merchant before connecting, and evaluate payers in case we notice atypical transactions.

This allows us to reduce the risk of fraud and screen out unscrupulous merchants and buyers.

We use a semi-automatic system to run verification:

  • by sanctions lists and lists of politically exposed persons
  • national and global databases of stolen or lost documents
  • through the media regarding any negative mentions

Cloud-based anti-fraud solution

You don’t necessarily have to accept payments via Tranzzo in order to use our anti-fraud system. We offer it as a SAAS solution.

  • Easy API integration
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Smart balance between robust protection and high conversion

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