X / RAY - antifraud system of a new format

Will increase the payments conversion up to 17%

Most payment gateways use standard filters to define fraudulent transactions. We understand that every business is unique and have created a three-level monitoring system:


Profiling. Depending on the region and business type, the patterns of typical customer behavior are set in the system.


Automatic anomalies detection. X / Ray checks each transaction against the number of specific filters.


Suspicious transactions are checked by a Fraud and Risk Officer. As a result: a decrease of “decent” payments rejection percentage due to insufficiently flexible security settings.

The advantages of our anti-fraud solution

  • 99% of fraud detected and prevented
  • Flexibility of settings and adaptability for any business type
  • Quick API integration
  • 24/7/365 support

Compliance with international standards and regulatory requirements

Connect our X/RAY cloud antifraud solution
for only 3 ¢ per transaction