Payment solutions for ticket services 

Let your customers buy any tickets they want in a few clicks, e.g. concert, movie or plane ticket

Customised payment form

With Tranzzo, you are welcome to tailor your payment form to the websites’ design. All you need is to add your logo and favicon, change button colours and preloader animation. 

That will lessen the risk of abandoned shopping carts at the checkout stage and build trust for your website. 

Payment methods

You will get all the necessary payment methods within one integration.

Card Payments
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Telegram Pay

Telegram Pay

With Telegram Pay, you can sell tickets and accept payments directly in the messenger. Users will pay in Telegram without being redirected to third-party payment pages.

Let your customers pay where they communicate. 

Data security and anti-fraud measures 

We do our work at scale to let your clients pay on your website safely and conveniently. 

Tranzzo service complies with the highest payment standard, namely PCI DSS lev. 1. And our three-level, anti-fraud system monitors and blocks any suspicious activity in real-time.

Technologies that drive your business forward 

Built-in wallet system

It enables you to provide your clients with bonuses and cashback. Use this tool to retain clients and crank your sales up. 

Flexible routing

It is best to optimise payment flows. Adjust settings and distribute payments depending on the currency, country, payment system, etc.

Smart cascading 

It increases your website conversion significantly. The system automatically redirects transactions to the most effective payment gateway, so they are completed faster.

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