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Reliable partner for your online-payments

Connect Tranzzo and accept payments from your clients globally.

97% payments success rate

Tranzzo provides beneficial Internet acquiring comparatively to the bank. Accept payments from your clients globally.

- Extended payments cascading ensures high payments success rate by connecting to the client's infrastructure and adapting possible scenarios to the needs of the business.
- Sales and Pricing optimization. We’ll help you to determine the most suitable payment method and pricing to increase your profit in the jurisdiction your business operates.
- One Click Payments. There is no need to enter clients’ card details twice.
- Switch on/off 3-D Secure. You can switch off 3-D secure for certain transactions.
- Dynamic descriptor. Adjust the text that appears in the cardholder account statement

Secure way of payment

Complex anti-fraud solution protects your business from fraudulent transactions.

PCI DSS Level 1

The highest level of security for credit card processing. The presence of the international PCI DSS certificate assumes that users’ data is stored, transmitted and processed in the organizations’ information infrastructures in the most secure way.

Fraud Prevention Algorithms

Tranzzo takes fraud prevention to a new level with machine learning algorithms that allow you to verify transactions in real time, identify fraud patterns and minimize the risk of refunds.

Ambiguous transaction verification by specialists

Transactions that the system marks as atypical are checked by an Anti-fraud expert. It allows to identify various types of fraudulent activity and to upgrade the fraud prevention system accordingly.

Transparent Tariffs

No hidden fees or extra payments.


+ payment method fee
Revenue - :)


+ payment method fee
Revenue - 100 000$/month

Market leader

+ payment method fee
Revenue - >1m$/month


Contact Sales

Revenue - >5m$/month

Tranzzo tariffs depend on client’s transaction volume. Higher volume gives lower tariffs. More