Ready-to-use credit card processing under your brand 

Become a payment service provider with an all-in-one SaaS solution – Tranzzo White Label PSP

Tranzzo White Label PSP: our technologies, your brand

Tranzzo SaaS solution is made up of the ready-to-use IT infrastructure for processing online payments, a mix of trending payment methods and all the necessary licenses and certificates.

White Label PSP is used by fintech start-ups and online businesses to get card processing under their brand without spending their resources.

24/7 support of merchants and buyers
An easy-to-use account to control all processes
Sending receipts to buyers
Reports automation

Payment page on your domain 

You can accept payments with Tranzzo, but you don’t need to use our payment page. Instead, you are welcome to use your own page with the address https: //pay.your_domain. In that case, you collect the card data and transfer it to us to conduct the transaction.

You are obliged to possess a PCI DSS certificate if you want to work like that.

Tranzzo payment widget

Widgets allow you to add a payment form directly to your website. The main benefit of this function is that buyers aren’t forwarded to a separate checkout page when paying.

A client needs to enter the card details into the form on the website, and that’s all it takes. The payment will be processed immediately.

Payment methods

You will get all the necessary payment methods within one integration.

Card payments
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Telegram Pay

Token payment automation

Card details are encrypted and replaced with their digital identifier – token. That allows you to safely connect the buyer's card to their account on the e-commerce platform. It is extremely convenient for recurring payments, cross-platform payments and one-click purchases.

“Safe transaction” option

It allows you to “freeze" the purchase sum on the customer’s card and debit it at your convenience. For example, you can do that when the availability of the goods in a warehouse is confirmed or a customer picks up a purchase.

Anti-fraud and PCI DSS certification

White Label solution goes hand in hand with data security and fraud protection.

The Tranzzo system meets the most stringent data protection standards in the industry - PCI DSS lev 1. We use our specially designed three-level, anti-fraud system to ward fraudsters off. 


It allows you to optimise payment flows and set them up depending on the currency, payment system or payment type. 


You are welcome to use our ever-growing network of partner banks so that your customers receive the highest conversion. If the main payment channel is unavailable, the payment will automatically go through the supporting one.

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