Privacy Policy

This document "Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "Policy") is the rules for the use of TRANZZO LTD, hereinafter TRANZZO, of the User's personal information.

  1. General policy provisions
  1. This Policy is an integral part of the Terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement ") and also other agreements concluded with the User, when this is expressly provided for by Agreement.
  2. By accepting the Policy you freely, by your own will and for your own benefit, give your written consent to the following ways of processing your personal data: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access ), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.
  3. Acceptance of the Agreement and this Policy as part of the Agreement means that you give written consent to all points of this policy and confirm the law and legal force of this policy, regardless of the jurisdiction of your registration.
  4. To the present Policy, including the interpretation of its provisions and the procedure for acceptance, execution, modification and termination, the legislation of United Kingdom is subject to application.
  5. Here and hereinafter in the Policy, the Agreement and definitions provided for in the Agreement are used, as well as other agreements with the rules and conditions, unless otherwise provided by this Policy or follows from its substance. In other cases, the Agreement used in the Policy is interpreted in accordance with the laws of United Kingdom, the customs of business, or scientific doctrine.
  1. Personal information/
  1. Under the Personal Information in this Policy means:
  1. Information provided by the user on their own, during registering, authorizing, filling in the data on the payment page, in the process, contacting the support service, further use of the service, including personal data of the user.
  2. Data that is transmitted in automatic mode in an impersonal form (depends on the settings of the User's software).
  1. TRANZZO reserves the right to establish requirements for the consist and content of the User's Personal Information, which must necessarily be provided for the use of and the Service based on it. If certain information is not marked TRANZZO as mandatory, its provision or disclosure is carried out by the User at its discretion or at the request of TRANZZO.
  2. During registration on, the user must specify the account name (email address) and password. During registration, TRANZZO creates a unique identifier for each User (user_id). This identifier is linked to the User profile information.
    If an natural person acts in the interests of the organization can be additionally provided next data:
    business type, web-site url, customer support number, phone number, support email, company name, director’s name,  TAX ID №, ZIP code, country, city, address, registration №, beneficiary name, bank name, bank address, bank account №, BIC/swift, IBAN number.
    These details of the organization does not refer to personal data.
  3. Barring cases, described and conducted in accordance with established procedure, which described in the Agreement, TRANZZO does not verify the reliability of the provided Personal Information and whether the User has the necessary consent for processing it in accordance with this Policy, believing that the User acts in good faith, circumspectly and exerts all the necessary efforts to maintain such information in an up-to-date state and to obtain all the necessary consent of the subjects of personal data.
  4. TRANZZO collects and stores information about the User's activities in the Service, using log files. In case that the actions are committed by the User after authorization, such information is associated with the User ID.
  5. The user understands and accepts the use of third party software on the web-site, as a result of which such persons can receive and transmit the data specified in paragraph 2.1.2 this Policy in an impersonal form.

    The specified third party software includes:
    systems for collecting visitor statistics: Google Analytics, MixPanel
    social plugins (blocks) of social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn;

    The specified third party software includes:
    browser data (type, version, cookie);
    operating system data (type, version, screen resolution);
    query data (time, source, IP address).

    The composition and conditions for collecting impersonal data using third-party software are determined directly by their right holders and may include:
    Google Analytics: Log information, Device information, Location information, Unique application numbers, Local storage, Cookies and similar technologies. More details by link:
    Mixpanel: Operating System (OS) running on your device, Internet Protocol (IP) address (which may be used to obtain your geolocation), access times, browser type, and language, and the website you visited before our Sites. More details by link:
  6. TRANZZO is not responsible for the procedure for the use of the User's personal information by third parties with whom the User interacts independently through the use of the site and / or the service.
  1. The purposes of processing Personal Information:
  1. TRANZZO carries out the processing, including the collection and storage of that Personal Information that is necessary for entering into and executing contracts with the User and ensuring the operation of the service and other contracts concluded between TRANZZO and the User, if expressly provided for by their Agreement.
  2. TRANZZO has the right to use Personal Information for the following purposes:
  1. Implementation of the functionality of the Service to create and operate the User profile.
  2. Conclusion of contracts for the use of the site and the Service; The Contract is concluded remotely by means of an exchange of electronic documents that are signed by a simple electronic signature. In this case, the password of a simple electronic signature of the User can be executed by a pair of login - a password or an e-mail address. Therefore, they are requested at registration.
  3. Discharge of obligations under concluded contracts, including providing the User access to the site and the Service; Request for access to the Service are accepted using the site functionality and e-mail.
  4. Identification of the User in the framework of discharge of obligations under agreements concluded with him; The User's personal cabinet is linked to the User's login-password and the e-mail address of the User.
  5. Providing technical support in due to the use of the site and the Service; Conversional to the support service are accepted using Site functionality (contact form)  and e-mail, telephone.
  6. Providing communication with the User for the purpose of information service and improving the quality of the Service under the concluded agreements, including by procedure of notification with the involvement of third parties; Communication with the User is carried out via e-mail or by the telephone number specified by the User during registration or in the process of using the service.
  7. Use of impersonal data to target advertising and/or information materials by age, sex, or other characteristics.
  8. Carrying out marketing, statistical and other studies based on impersonal data.
    Data from specified in paragraph 2.5. data collection systems in impersonal form are collected and analyzed to find out how much time users spend on various pages of the web-site
  9. Distribution, including automated dispatch, among Users of information and promotional materials.
  1. Requirements for the protection of Personal Information
  1. TRANZZO carries out the storage of personal Information and provides its protection against unauthorized access and distribution in accordance with internal rules and regulations.
  2. In respect of the User's personal Information, its confidentiality is maintained and unless the technology of the service or the settings of the software used by the User provide for an open exchange of information with other Users of the Service or with any Internet users.
  3. TRANZZO has the right to transfer Personal Information to third parties in the following cases:
  1. The user expressed his consent to such actions, including cases when the User uses the settings of the used software that do not limit the provision of certain information;
  2. The transfer is necessary in the context of the User's use of the functionality and / or specificity of the service;
  3. At the request of the court or other authorized body within the procedure established by law;
  4. To protect the rights and legitimate interests of TRANZZO in connection with the violation of contracts concluded with the User.
  1. Changing Personal Information
  1. The user has the right at any time to independently edit in Personal Account his / her Personal Information provided to them during registration or authorization.
  2. In the event of termination of the concluded contract, the User has the right to stop his own account by sending a request to the address: [email protected].
    TRANZZO reserves the right, in the event of stopping of the account, to keep registration data and information about the user's activity, information about the use of the TRANZZO service in order to comply with anti-money laundering policy.
  3. In order to improve the quality of the Service and ensure the possibility of legal protection, TRANZZO has the right to store log files on actions taken by the User in the framework of using the Service, as well as in connection with the conclusion and execution of the Agreement by the User and other contracts on its part.
  1. Changing the Privacy Policy
  1. This Policy may be changed or terminated by TRANZZO unilaterally without prior notice to the User. The new version of the Policy shall come into force from the moment of its posting on the website, unless otherwise provided for by the new edition of the Policy.
  2. The current version of the Policy is on the TRANZZO Website on the Internet at


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