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We believe that our company success depends on end-to-end technologies and employees who are passionate about their work. Tranzzo is growing at a staggering pace, so we are looking for a merchant support manager to work towards a common goal.

Required skills:
  • Experience in working with ticket-systems; 
  • Basic understanding of the JIRA task manager;
  • Ability to solve problems and handle stressful situations;  
  • Great soft skills; 
  • High level of Russian and Ukrainian;
  • Proven customer service skills;
  • Understanding of the online payment methods will be an advantage.
  • Assist and support merchants (via online chat or email);
  • Work with payment systems;
  • Enter information into the database; 
  • Process information.
Tranzzo perks:
  • You’ll be a part of the team that develops innovative products; 
  • You’ll be able to work with different projects; 
  • Engaged, proactive team;
  • Competitive salary paid on time; 
  • Official employment;
  • We cover 50% of the corporate food delivery cost;
  • Tranzzo compensates 50% of the gym membership cost and other sports clubs;
  • We will cover 50% of your study expenses (courses, conferences and webinars); 
  • We support you throughout the trial period;
  • Opportunity for horizontal and vertical career growth;
  • Regular team-building and corporate events.

We offer: 

  • Working schedule 8.00 - 20.00/20.00 - 8.00. You can negotiate your working hours;
  • Annual paid vacation (24 days);
  • Paid sick-leaves;
  • We send our employees a basket with fruits and chocolate when they’re sick;   
  • Supportive management. 

The job interview will be conducted in 2 stages:

The first one will be with a recruiter. We'll meet to discuss the project and requirements for a future candidate. We'll also answer your questions.

The second stage will be with your manager. We'll discuss the required technical skills and your responsibilities as a merchant support manager.

If you are interested in this vacancy, send us your resume.

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